1.Whats your experience as a wedding photographer? How many weddings do you have in your portfolio?

I have been shooting weddings since 2004, mostly in Stockholm but also quite a few destinations weddings. I shoot 12-14 weddings per year. In total I have photographed over 250 weddings

2. How would you describe your photography style?

I do both photojournalistic as well as guided posing to create the right atmosphere for strong impact images. Photography is a vast field, and there are many different types of photography styles. Wedding photography, in particular, has developed into a more photojournalistic style where the photographer documents the events of the day without a lot of posing. But I do guide my couples to feel comfortable in directing and posing some of the shots but making sure that everything feels natural and looks authentic. Kindly have a look at the portfolio, and you will get the same style at your wedding when hiring me


3.Do you bring your own lighting equipment?

I shoot with prime high-quality lenses with the newest set of cameras (Canon fullframe DSLRs) allowing low light situations without the need for additional light. But I do bring lighting equipment that is not bulky or obtrusive in the case I would need to kick in supportive light source for either special effects or add light because it’s too dark

4.What type of equipment do you use? Do you shoot with digital, film or both?

I use state of the art professional-quality equipment and I have spare/backup cameras and lenses in case something happens to the primary ones. The overall quality of digital photos versus film photos is very similar and there is no need to worry that digital pictures won’t be as good as film. They are in many cases superior, I shoot with digital DSLR (Canon full frames) at highest resolution and apply emulated film looks in the post process to all images that will be delivered to you


5.Will you retouch photos? If so, how many?

In all the delivered photographs in the packages, I have manually reviewed and enhanced every image to looks its best. Task such cropping for best photographic composition, adjusting the colors and sharpening the images when needed, all this is included in the standard package. I also offer more advanced retouching services if you would specifically need a change or more sophisticated enhancements. However, this is a very time-consuming process and in the end, it may not be worth the extra cost that it may be.

6.Do you have a list of references?

You make look at some references published on this website and if you need,  I can provide you with a list of former clients



7.What will you wear as a Photographer?

Mostly I will dress up in a white shirt and wear a dark jacket and look proper and representative, just like all other guests is at their finest I will reflect that as well. Should you have any wishes to match your clothing style just let me know and I will adapt to your preferred style

8.How many pictures will you take, and when will I receive them? Will they be negatives, CD or online only?

In the pricing section, you can see the range of who you can expect to get from each package. They will be delivered through a USB file and I store the photographs for one year so make sure you take several backups! You will also get a digital gallery that will be hosted on my site for three months. Guests would be able to download low. Resolution files if given the login credentials by you. Otherwise, they can ask you for the high-resolution files when you get them. To a surcharge I can maintain an entire high-resolution download area for as long time as you prefer, this is an additional option to the standard package


9.How much does it cost and what exactly is included? What about overtime?

all prices are outlined in the price list including VAT ( moms) Extra charge for transport/parking may apply but these will be communicated and you have to accept the extra cost. Overtime charges is 1250:- Sek/hour in the cases we need more time that the package withholds

10.Do you have backup photographers who will shoot the wedding if you get sick?

Should it ever occur I have direct access to a network consisting of several well-reputed wedding photographers and will pass over the assignment to someone in the same price range and picture style


11.Will I be able to choose some poses and shots, or will you be guiding all the poses?

I will in some cases direct and posed family/group, with the bridal party, specific detail photos, etc. If you and your partner would like specific poses, locations, and shots, make sure to tell me about those in advance so I can prepare, I love when you have your own ideas and will do my best to fulfill your needs

12.When will I receive a written contract? What is your refund/cancellation policy?

A written contract will outline all of the expectations for both you and me and will help prevent any surprises on the actual day. Once you have decided to book a non-refundable fee apply on 1500 Sek which is deducted from the final amount. The transaction follows the principle that 50% will be paid, including the booking fee, the week before the wedding date and the last 50% when you will receive the post-processed images when published on the private gallery approximately but no later than 10 days after your wedding. You will the sign-off the delivery and pay the outstanding 50%


13.What is the difference between a photo book and a wedding album?

Photo books and photo albums essentially both achieve the same purpose – they display your favorite moments from your wedding in a beautiful book format. However, the difference between the two can be instantly felt in terms of quality and durability. A photo book is printed on regular, double-sided paper similar to a business brochure and there are a variety of options for covers and pages. A photo album is printed by a photographic process onto professional photo paper and is generally flush mount, which means that each page is printed as a single photo and then mounted onto a thick, durable cardstock that does not fold. Photo albums also have the option for different covers and pages. I use a professional wedding photographer designed flush mount wedding albums and I have selected the Portuguese high-quality firm http://www.floricolor.pt/ as the vendor of choice. I can design the wedding album for you as an additional option to the standard package. I have chosen not to include these albums since they are very pricey at the production stage, they are handcrafted, custom built. It may not be something you would like to pay for in a Standard package. Learn more about the differences between photo books and photo albums.

Prices – Exclusive Linnen handmade artbooks with hardcover, can choose from grey or white. Including handmade box(tree and linen)

Dimension 30×30 cm including 20 spreads design and production: the First issue starting from 6000 SEK – following issues 4350 SEK. Extra spreads 350 SEK. Your name and date printed on cover 465 SEK

14. Will you be using the images we create on the wedding day ?

Only with your written permission, I will use the images on my website, education, and workshops. I will not resell any of the images regardless since you will own the private rights with extended limitation allowing me to use the images in promoting my business and showcasing successful wedding photography